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From India 

The Mezzaro, from the Arabic mi' zar (veil) began to be known in Europe starting from the 17th century when trading companies began the exchange process with India. In Genoa the ladies of the time used it as a "head veil" but both in Italy and Europe the mezzaro also profoundly influenced home furnishings by adapting the original motifs to the tastes of buyers. Even today in India, mezzari are produced using ancient printing techniques with hand-inlaid wooden blocks.

A passion is born

Our passion for printed cottons is born from the encounter with the ancient traditions of printing on fabric, hand block printing, which we came to know through our numerous trips to the East and in particular to India.

plane tree

For a timeless art

Nowadays, mass production at increasingly higher costs content, has reduced the production of hand-printed fabrics, with the exception of rare artisans, to just a memory of times gone by. Fortunately in India, despite modern economic and technological development, artisan traditions, merging with a philosophy of life, are still rooted in social life and therefore they resist various changes and globalization.

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